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Malta - St. Lazarus Foundation donates Eur 305,394 to date to the Needy (December 2017)

The Saint Lazarus Foundation, which is the charitable arm of the Grand Priories of Malta and Gozo and fully registered as a non-governmental chivalric organisation with the Commissioner of Voluntary Organisations, has this year topped total donations to date to the amount of Euros 305,394.

These amounts were topped by means of various donations throughout this year which amounted to Euros 33,210. These amounts were given to the following organisations and situations:

Fondazzjoni Wens - Offering Respite Services to Persons with Disabilities
Emergency Rescue and Recovery Corps - Offering First Aid and Emergency Relief Services
Franciscan Community of Rabat - For the Restoration of the Roof of the Ta' Giesu Church
Iklin Parish Council - Autistic Services for the Community
Lazarus Projekt - Malta - Historical and Didactic educational services in Lazarite traditions
Malta Association of Supported Employment - The Foundation is an active member
Malta Federation of Organisations Persons with Disability - The Foundation is an active member
Puttinu Cares Foundation - Treating cancer patients in Malta and the UK
Special Cases - Malta - Vulnerable Families in need of assistance


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