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Inclusion International - We introduce I.I's new Officers and  Council members (October 2016)

In October 2016, at our recent General Assembly meeting held in Orlando, Florida, Inclusion International's members elected two new Executive Officers and accepted the appointment of four new Council members.  Inclusion International is proud and excited to welcome these esteemed leaders. We know we will all benefit greatly from their contributions.

Sue Swenson, from the USA, was as President-Elect. Sue became involved with disability advocacy because her middle son, Charlie, had profound disabilities.

She currently represents the US Department of Education on the President's Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities.  Sue previously served as the commissioner for developmental disabilities in the US Department of Health and Human Services in the Clinton administration, as executive director of the national chapter of The Arc, and as executive director of the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation.  She also helped to secure recognition families in the UN CRPD


Fauzia Haji, from Zanzibar, was elected as Secretary General.

Fauzia is a Board Member of Inclusion Africa and also Secretary General of Zanzibar Association for People with Developmental Disabilities (ZAPDD).  As a parent of a son with an intellectual disability, she is passionate about working with self-advocates to unlock their potential.

Fauzia is a regional leader on promoting the rights of people with intellectual disabilities and a part of growing the self-advocacy voice in Africa.

Elena Dal Bo, from Argentina joins the Council as the representative for the Americas region.  She is the mother of Juan who is a young man with disabilities.

Through her work as volunteer in local organizations she strongly supports the process through which self-advocates are developing a stronger voice. She believes that families are the first support of children with disabilities to develop self-esteem, advocacy and independence abilities.

Elena has strong ties throughout the region and is a powerful voice regionally and internationally for advancing the rights of people with intellectual disabilities and their families.


Jeleel Odoom, from Ghana joins the Council as the representative for Africa.  Jeleel is a trained development practitioner, working with Inclusion Ghana as the National Co-ordinator.

He has been a national and regional leader on inclusive education. He helped to shape the inclusive education policy in Ghana which was honoured in 2016 by the zero project as an innovative policy on inclusive education.

Jeleel is currently the board secretaries of the Autism Society of West Africa, the Ghana Federation of Disability Organisations, and the Ghana Civil Society Platform for Social Protection. He is also a member of the board for Inclusion Africa.

Mark Mapemba, is from Malawi.  He joins our Council as the self-advocate representative for Africa. He works with our member PODCAM.

Mark has been a regional leader in building self-advocacy in Africa. He was invited to speak at the  9th Conference of States Parties.  Mark has been involved with the work of Inclusion International over the past year, attending and meeting self-advocates across Africa and Europe.




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