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Grand Priory of Brazil Starts Unmanned Drone Services (September 2017)

The future has arrived!

With the restructuring of the various groups and corps within our structure in Brazil, the officers of the Grand Priory have instituted the Command of Unmanned Aircraft as one of their initiatives and services.

Our first aircraft approved with ANAC and registered at Decea / Fab is the MJX, Model x101. The purpose of this new command is to minimize costs in air operations and will be employed on missions of:

- Environmental Monitoring;
- Inspection of buildings;
- Identification of sites with potential for mosquito hatchery;
- Location of missing persons in forests and / or places of difficult access;
- Train and train the trainers to increase such initiatives throughout the jurisdiction.

Thus, the Brazilian Lazarite team has now joined other Grand Priories worldwide (ex. Gozo, Hungary, Slovakia, Northern Ireland and others) in operating such drones for the betterment of society.


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