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Dominican Republic: Hospitaller work with Hospital De Especialidades De La Reserva Militar (February 2017)

Extensive diplomatic work has been successfully executed in these last months by the highest officers of the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope (SMOKH), who are fully fledged members of the United Grand Priories of the Order, to further the close collaboration between the Order and the government of the Dominican Republic.

Last year, the Grand Chancellor of the Order led a delegation to this island republic and in these last months, the head of SMOKH, H.E. Chev. Charles McWilliams, was constantly chairing and liaising with the officials of the Hospital De Especialidades De La Reserva Militar of the Dominican Republic in order to further consolidate existing assistance since the first donation of an ambulance to the Dominican Republic in 2008.

As part of these exchanges, the Order has agreed to honour the following:

1. Provide physicians , nurses and staff of the Hospital De Especialidades De La Reserva Militar with advanced instruction in primary care diagnosis and expedient laboratory in order to provide more timely services to the clinic community. Chosen university students will also have the opportunity, via our Order, for residency in this facility which sees around 2,000 patients per month.

2. Provide one unique and exclusive diagnostic device for electro-dermal screening, which will be donated as goodwill for this effort.

3. Additionally, expedient electro-cardiology screening training will also be provided with donated equipment to the facility.

4. Some methods of cost effective urinalysis diagnostic knowledge and equipment and reagents will also be provided for streamline patient care.

5. In 2017, specialised seminars and implementation sessions to all interested physicians and nurses at the Hospital De Especialidades facility to assist their existing staff will be organised.

6. After initial implementation, assessment will follow as to assess the ways and means to continue our working relationship for the remainder of 2017.

7. Best efforts, as part of this agreement, will be made to obtain additional equipment and supplies for the Dominican facility from donors in the USA.



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