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European Network on Independent Living Publishes Briefing on the ESI Funds Monitoring and Complaints System (July 2017)

The European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) is pleased to launch its new briefing on the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI Funds), focused on the monitoring and complaints system, and the extent to which it is able to ensure ESI Funds are used to support independent living.

The briefing, entitled the "European Union Structural and Investment Funds and the transition from institutional care to community living: Towards a more effective monitoring and complaints system", considers whether there is an effective system in place to enable monitoring if ESI Funds are used for the development of community-based alternatives to institutions. It does so by examining the various monitoring and complaints mechanisms established under the ESI Funds Regulations and the European Commission guidance, identifies areas of concern and makes recommendations on how these can be addressed.

This monitoring and complaints briefing aims to assist the European Commission officials responsible for ESI Funds (ESF and ERDF), Managing Authorities and Monitoring Committees in the Member States, as well as civil society organisations working in this area. Its overarching objective is to ensure that EU funds promote, not hinder, community living for people with disabilities.

The briefing is part of the EU Funds for Our Rights Campaign and includes model letters NGOs can use to find out more about the monitoring and complaints systems in their countries, and how to get involved.

The work on the briefing was supported by the Open Society Foundations - Mental Health Initiative.

The Saint Lazarus Foundation, as an active ENIL member, participated in this initiative and its representatives were present and active in the meetings held on this subject matter in Bucharest, Rumania, earlier this year. The deputation was headed by the Chairman of the St. Lazarus Foundation, Massimo J Ellul.


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