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Brazil - Order Donates to the Aged (July 2017)

On the 21st of July 2017, a contingent of the Group Belo Horizonte, forming part of the Grand Priory of Brazil of the Order of Sao Lazarus, made a much-appreciated donation to the home of the elderly known as Santa Gema Galvani - SSVP.

This donation formed part of a day full of much joy and laughter with the elderly, their anecdotes, and their stories of life. To them all our love, affection and respect.

Anyone who can attend such future "parties" will be demonstrating great human value, as this is intended to improve the living conditions for them and offer our elderly companionship and respect. To the team of professionals who received us at the residence with a beautiful smile, thank you very much for all your sterling work within the community. And May God reward each one, according to your works.





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